Monday, July 29, 2013

Educating E-cigarette Users Through Infographic

The e-cigarette Infographic which provides complete info on e-cigarette, from its definition to the difference it offers to the smoker. If you are thinking what makes e-cigarette superior than traditional tobacco cigarettes, this is the Infograph you should have a look closely. Along with visualizing the great benefits of e-cigarette, it also comprises of the statement made by AAPHP in favor of e-cigarette and quick facts revealed through various studies and research conducted on e-cigarettes.

Another great infographic on e-cigarette, illustrating the difference, not in terms of advantages, but in terms of manufacturing process and raw material used. If you wonder how e-cigarette is best alternative to tobacco cigarettes, it will visualize the entire manufacturing process and educate you about the different components and raw material used in cigarettes and e-cigarette. An e-cigarette infographic for curious users.

Often it is hard to design an infographic which provides equal importance to brand promotion and knowledge contribution which is beneficial to viewers in different aspects of the product being featured. Below infographic is the perfect combination of it, designed with keep in mind the purpose of  education as well as brand promotion.

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