Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Have You Celebrated World Vaping Day?

Turn up the music and party hard!! It’s Happy World Vaping Day!! If you are a hard core vaper, one who supports the cause for e-cigarettes, this is the day every vaper should celebrate since it’s the second annual holiday for all vapers who smoke electronic cigarettes. World Vaping Day is recognized to commemorate and celebrate every little success in the arena of electronic cigarettes, right from your personal accomplishments to undeterred growth of the industry. So, being a proponent of e-cigarettes, how did you celebrate this special holiday? No idea? Here are some fantastic ideas to sizzle up things and make your next World Vaping Day more enjoyable and fun. 

Host a Gala Vaping Party

How about throwing a grand party and inviting all your friends and relatives, of course, with their e-cigs? Even they would love the concept, participating in the party for added exuberance and fun. Make sure that you create an ‘e-cig’ theme for the party, providing opportunity to the guests to make it more unique and memorable. Talk about your favorite electronic cigarette flavors and batteries, share vaping stories, play games!! Break all boundaries and be innovative to make the party most successful and joyous.

Dance through Music

There’s nothing like turning up your favorite music in full volume and breaking out into a wonderful dance moves. You can invite your friends or family members to make a top or two with you. It will further invigorate the charm of your celebration. Dance your heart out till you drop, and then relax, vaping on your favorite e-cigarette. Instantly, you will feel invigorated and refreshed to turn up to the music again. After all, what harm is it going to do!! Happy Vaping!!

Experiment Something Cooking

By this time, your vaper’s tongue has perhaps faded away, and you can relish on your favorite delicacies, cooked right at home on the World Vaping Day. Take out time from your busy schedule and cook yourself something unique and delicious. You can also experiment preparing something that you have never done before. Relish each and every bite of your favorite food, cooked by you…What a wonderful way to celebrate the World Vaping Day…your freedom from traditional cigarettes!!

Dine at Your Favorite Restaurant

Form a group of e-cigarette vapers and move out for a fantastic dining experience at your favorite restaurant. Ask whether you can use the e-cigarette at the table, and then celebrate each and every moment on your favorite delicacy and e-cigarette flavor. This way, you can also educate others and spread awareness for electronic cigarettes publicly.   

Spread Awareness

While this may not be a typical scenario for fun and enjoyment, you can celebrate the day by spreading awareness for e-cigarettes. Make a group and conduct workshops and teaching programs on the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Have a unique ideas to celebrate World Vaping Day? Share your thoughts with us.      

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