Thursday, September 26, 2013

Empirical Evidences and Testimonials on E-Cigarettes

In the era of digitalization, consumers globally have been empowered with the platform to express their opinions and ideas, sharing real life experiences and incidents. This provides a very valuable insight into the world of electronic cigarettes. The reviews and empirical evidences for e-cigs have been overwhelming, and this is quite prominent from the behavior exhibited by e-cigarettes proponents on the Internet. Considering umpteen positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers, the analysts can indeed prepare a report that demonstrates the credibility and benefits of e-cigs on modern human lives today.

Unfortunately, lack of quality information and conclusive research studies on electronic cigarettes have left the world wondering whether e-cigs are good or bad. However, leaving aside the scientific studies, why not consider the empirical evidences and customer testimonials flooding the Internet that gives a vivid picture of how well e-cigarettes are doing in the market. And as a smart buyer, you should rely on your communication and observation, which can never be wrong.

If you browse the Internet – emails, blogs, social media, forums, and communication platforms – everywhere you will find hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers personally boasting the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Can it all be wrong and invalid – scam?? Earlier this day, breaking news quite made the cigarette industry go topsy-turvy. The news claimed a 3-year old boy has suffered first and second degree burns after his mother’s e-cigarette exploded in the car while charging. The news necessarily questioned the credibility of “White Rhino” electronic cigarettes, stating that growing use of e-cigs has also increased the number of accidents due to explosion or other factors.

While opponents of electronic cigarettes can celebrate on this tragic news, how many of you will delve deep into the root of such accident? Manufacturers of e-cigs and Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association have always been giving statutory warnings that lithium-ion batteries can ‘get hot, explode or ignite and cause serious injury.’ At the same time, they also put forward the causes for the battery to get too hot. Electronic cigarette batteries can explode when a wrong type of charger is used, placed in direct sunlight, or if it left in the USB port for long and gets overcharged.

According to the reports presented by TVECA, more than 3.5 million Americans puff electronic cigarettes, with or without knowing its benefits. And the number cannot lie, right? If you are an e-cigarette proponent, you can also spread the awareness for e-cigs, contributing in the movement and sharing you experiences and opinions to the world. And of course, Internet is the best way to do it right and wide!! Educate the skeptical people with logic and facts, dispelling out their invalid points. Make sure that you are confident of what you are saying. 

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