Wednesday, September 11, 2013

E-cigarettes: Revolutionizing the Concept of Smoking

Who does not know that smoking is injurious to health? But till now it has been quite impossible for a smoker to leave smoking completely. But modern age technological innovation has made it possible to control the inhalation of nicotine while smoking. The advent of the quite modern concept of electronic cigarette has made the perception promising. It is exciting to see how the ancient concept of inhaling tobacco wrapped in tree leaves has turned to a small electronic device which will control the inhalation of nicotine through a battery charger. Even in the most common form of paper coated cigarette, it is a matter of annoyance to many non-smokers as it creates smoky ashes which many do not like. E-cigarette has come as a concept that helps to inhale nicotine without emitting any ashy smoke. So you do not have to feel guilty to make your family the victim of passive smoking

What is an e-cigarette? Actually it is a very simple device where nicotine is mixed with water. A battery is attached to the device. Whenever one likes to have a puff he just has to switch on the battery and the heated water emits the vapor of nicotine to the mouthpiece attached with the device. What makes an e-cigarette special from the normal cigarette is the fact that one can control the intake of nicotine through this which is not possible in the common paper coated cigarette. Actually this e-cigarette is available with different level of nicotine emission. This is the feature which has made it very special and popular enough for the smokers of this age.

Not only that this e-cigarette is available with different tobacco flavor. It has kept in mind that different people like different type of flavors. While some like the strong one, others may like a little spicy smell. The e-cigarettes are made keeping in mind the preference of each smoker. Even there is a difference in style of e-cigarettes. While some are manual one where one has to switch on the battery while he wants to smoke, there the automatic one where the battery will heat the water as soon as one gives a puff.

Practically speaking, e-cigarettes have emerged as a concept to make smoking a healthier concept.  It is a device that has successfully gained popularity within very short time. In the world of smoking it has become a revolutionary idea that has brought immense change in the smoking habit of the modern people. Not only that when one buys in bulk, it is quite cheaper than the traditional form of cigarettes. It is the only form of cigarette where one can inhale as much nicotine as he wants what is a quite astonishing concept. E-cigarette has become the perfect choice for the smokers of this age.

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