Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making Others Aware of E-Cigarettes Positively

Have you ever noticed that the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown to such an extent that now they are difficult to ignore? Someone puffing an e-cig has become a pretty common sight today, but there is a majority of smokers who are still skeptical about electronic cigarettes. Perhaps, e-cigs deserve a better reputation, and if you Vape, this might be the best time that you make an effort to improve the product’s reputation that has helped you to reduce smoking, if not kick the habit.

Here are a few things that you can do personally to help electronic cigarettes gain a better reputation among the smokers community.

Once you get a chance you can try to educate a smoker about the advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes. Lack of available fact and information is the major reason that many people continue to feel skeptical about them, and thus, if you have the facts and the information share them. When you feel the urge to light up your e-cig, and if you are in a smoking restricted area, always ask permission from others, though it is absolutely within the boundaries. You can also use this chance to tell people about the benefits of smoking an e-cigarettes.

Though you will be trying to talk about e-cigs, especially when in a smoking community, yet it is good to steer clear of instigating an argument. Just never try to create an ugly scene. Possessing an attitude of disrespecting the rules & regulations of vaping, is something that you truly need to take care of. If you fail to do so, your image and reputation as an electronic cigarette user will never improve. Moreover, this can have further consequences as non-smokers may start to feel shaky about electronic cigarettes too and finding a social acceptance might become a bit difficult.

Though electronic cigarettes are found to have no negative effect on the human health and there is absolutely no chance of getting affected by passive smoking, still you need to understand the fact that people who don’t smoke has a natural tendency to stay away from almost everything that looks like a cigarette. You must respect their feelings and thus you should avoid vaping in public transport, especially when children are around. You should also abstain from smoking near hospitals or similar facilities, if you are seeking to spread the good word on vaping, around.

Carrying out these responsibilities is not a tall task. If you are able to portray a positive brand image on e-cig, you will immensely contribute to a healthier lifestyle and planet. When you reflect a positive mindset towards vaping, there is always a fat chance that e-cigarettes receive social acceptance more quickly, and help more people to get rid of their fatal tobacco smoking habit.

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